How BidRx Works?

How BidRx Works?

Use BidRx to Compare Your Medication Prices from 100's of Pharmacies

BidRx uses the power of the Internet to create a competitive and transparent marketplace for prescriptions. BidRx combines two levels of head-to-head competition to get consumers the best value for their money. First, BidRx enables consumers and prescribers to instantly obtain information on drugs, services, incentives, coupons, discounts, and prices – not only for prescribed drugs but also for drugs that are similar to those prescribed. Next, BidRx provides access to pharmacies that compete for the privilege to fill prescriptions and provide valuable services required by consumers. BidRx includes neighborhood pharmacies plus mail order or Internet pharmacies, specialty pharmacies, and others. The BidRx secure Internet website links consumers with pharmacies to make the best purchasing decisions every time. BidRx lowers the cost of prescription drugs by providing an open, competitive, and transparent marketplace.

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Let Pharmacies Bid on Your Prescription
RxBid Allows You to Create a Bid for One Medication or Your Entire Prescription and Let Pharmacies from Across the US Bid to Get You the Lowest Prices Online.

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Compare Prices for Your Prescription Medications from Pharmacies in Your Zipcode. BidRx Gets the Lowest Prices and You Can Pick Up at Your Convience.

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Compare Prices for Your Prescription Medications from Pharmacies Across the United States. RxBid Gets the Lowest Prices Delivered Right to Your Home.

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Ordering Medicine is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Find the lowest prices

Search for prescriptions at major pharmacies.

2. Upload your prescription

Take a photo your prescription with your smartphone and upload.

3. Pick up or shipped to you

Search for prescriptions at major pharmacies.

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