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BidRx is the only "Electronic Marketplace" for prescriptions. Like Amazon.com is for many other products, BidRx is a secure, Internet website that allows consumers to make better decisions when purchasing medications. BidRx provides the information consumers and prescribers need to choose the best value drugs; then gets bids from pharmacies that want to win new prescription business.

Consumers: click on "How it works" and learn to use BidRx. Get a "Referral Code" from an independent marketing entity for BidRx or get a "Membership Card" from your employer, insurer or other sponsor. Then register on BidRx.com. No special computer or software is needed.

Prescribers: register on BidRx.com and use our basic services free of charge. Go to www.BidRx.com, click on Prescribers at the bottom of the page, complete a registration form and start using BidRx to find the best value medications for your patients.

Pharmacies: register with BidRx and participate as a provider. Click here to complete an application form. You are a short time away from participating in the transparent, electronic marketplace for prescriptions that expands your business reach to win new customers.

Benefit Sponsors: BidRx is a necessary complement for all high deductible benefit plans. Members use BidRx.com to save money, often as much as 40% to 50%. Register with BidRx, sign a contract, and load member eligibility and plan design information. Members get a BidRx ID card linked to their benefit. For the first time ever, members can compare benefit coverage, prices and services before they buy. Get the full value of the BidRx solution. Click here to complete an application form.

BidRx is the only electronic marketplace where manufacturers and pharmacies compete to offer the best medicines and best services at the best prices.

BidRx is built by pharmacists; powered by business partners; for the benefit of consumers.

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